With the holiday season approaching and Thanksgiving right around the corner, our team at Harvest Bistro is here to satisfy you and your families favorite home cooked meals to feast on. Our Thanksgiving menu offers a little bit of everything, from sweet to savory.

Our Herb Roasted Turkey Breast & Spatchcocked Turkey with Fresh Herbs comes as a classic to many families for Thanksgiving dinner. But we also offer a Honey & Orange Glazed Ham which brings out all of the vibrant, mouthwatering flavors. Aside from entrees, we will be offering appetizers, salads, sides and best of all, dessert!

Our appetizers come in a dozen per order and include Brie in Phyllo with Apricot Jam, Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce, Coconut Shrimp with Cranberry Honey Mustard and Beef on Crostini with Horseradish! Our Thanksgiving sides range from Honey and Orange Roasted Baby Carrots, Roasted Brussels with Bacon & Caramelized Onions, Four Cheese Mac & Cheese with a Breadcrumb Crust to even Apple & Sausage Stuffing!

You don't want to go wrong by missing out on dessert...even on a full stomach. Harvest Bistro will be offering Apple Crumb Pie, New York Style Cheesecake and Carrot Cake!

Be sure to check out our Thanksgiving menu on the website and look into all of the other delicious meals we will be preparing for you this coming Holiday Season!

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At Harvest Bistro our goal is to bring fresh ingredients straight to the table. Everyday you’ll find our salads and other dishes filled with locally sourced fruits and vegetables! In this fall menu we set out to incorporate as many fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs into our recipes, to assure our customers of the best dining experience possible.

You can always count on Tushar to bring in fresh herbs daily, directly from his garden! This is where Harvest Bistro gets all of the variations ranging from parsley, oregano, basil, rosemary and thyme to mint, cilantro, and sage. All of these fresh herbs are used throughout the menu in a surplus of different recipes.

As we finished up our summer menu and began to transition to fall, a goal of Harvest Bistro was to incorporate more autumnal ingredients. You can find our fresh herbs used in our house made marinades, fruit used in house made dressings/vinaigrettes, and fresh vegetables in our soups. Something as simple as using fresh ingredients makes a significant difference and is what helps us make these foods so refreshing. Some fall favorites to keep an eye out for would have to be our new soup with white beans, pumpkin, and sausage, or our house turkey and house stuffing wrap, right in time for Thanksgiving!

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Meet Tushar, owner of Harvest Bistro located in downtown Madison, New Jersey. Tushar believes in meaning and creativity not only in his everyday life but also at the hands of his cuisine and business. Growing up with his parents and preparing home-cooked meals together was just the start of a long successful journey for Tushar’s passion with cooking. Family and cooking are two things that go hand in hand for Tushar, both of which are evident in his business to this day.

Featured: Coconut Grilled Chicken & Red Grapes Salad

With meaning and creativity being a significant focus, it has allowed Tushar to build a menu so diverse. Harvest Bistro uses inspiration from international flavors while taking an American approach to offer endless options for customers with different preferences. Tushar believes the greatest reward of his work is to see the elated expressions from delighted customers when they taste his cuisine. He creates original food you'll want to share with the people you love.

Harvest Bistro has not always been what it is today. Tushar opened a delicatessen in 1996 which was previously known as “On a Roll” and operated for over 20 years. Although, after going through a difficult period of time and putting in a tremendous amount of hard work, Tushar wanted to figure out what he truly wanted with his restaurant. He found that encompassing and celebrating the changing seasons for himself, both personally and professionally, were most important to him. With that, he was dedicated to rebranding the business to become more unique and meaningful. The rebranding has given Harvest Bistro endless opportunities especially with catering for events. Over time catering has become a big hit which has influenced the restaurant to create new hours. These new hours allow Harvest Bistro to properly serve customers both in the restaurant, and for outside catering events. The success of Tushar Patel and his business has led Harvest Bistro to be recognized as a high-quality restaurant and caterer known for its eclectic menu, inspired cuisine, and flavorful food.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog post about many of our new fall lunch specials!

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