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Harvest Bistro, a high-quality restaurant, and caterer in beautiful Madison, NJ, is known for its eclectic menu, inspired cuisine, and flavorful food.



What was once known as "On A Roll" for 21 years was rebranded to Harvest Bistro on October 27, 2017, to encompass and celebrate the changing of seasons for the owner, Tushar Patel, both professionally and personally.



With "Fresh To Table" as their motto, the Bistro strives to maintain an optimal level in food and in service with every seating. Using locally grown produce and the choicest ingredients available, quality is the most recognized trait of this town favorite.

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Tushar Patel

Owner & Head Chef


Tushar Patel was born in India in 1972 and raised in Irvington and Union, NJ. He grew up in a home where his parents frequently prepared meals together. These home-cooked meals, which encouraged everyone to get involved with the preparation, led Tushar to associate cooking with family, something that is evident in his business even today.

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